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Marianne Navasie Squat Polychrome Olla


Item Number: DR 2045
Tribal Affiliaiton: Hopi
Artist: Marianne Navasie
Medium: Clay and pigment
Age: Circa 1980s
Dimensions: 5″ X 7″


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This beautiful jar sits quite gracefully as its sienna and dark brown motifs encircle the typical Navasie white background slip.  The neck flares outward along the rim of this hand coiled polychrome pottery. Although this vessel bears the signature of the second Frog Woman, it is most likely made by the artist’s daughter, Marianne Navasie, because of the direction the painted motifs flow. Marianne was left handed.

Condition: Fine – original condition, but the slip has crawled, it is barley noticeable (as seen in photos). Otherwise this is a beautiful pot.
Provenance: From a private collector in Phoenix, Arizona

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Weight 34 oz