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Glendora Fragua Sgraffito Dragonfly and Flower Pot


Item Number: DR 2151
Pueblo: Jemez Pueblo
Artist: Glendora Fragua
Medium: Clay and clip
Age: 2018
Dimensions: 6” X 6 ½”


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Glendora Fragua is known for her polished and intricately incised pottery. “My work is contemporary, but my methods are traditional,” she says.

In this gorgeous black and cream pot, her unique and recognizable precision sgrafitto style is quite striking.  Glendora’s use of additional clay slips adds an additional dimension to her pieces.  This water jar is larger in size for her work and it is highly polished.  The entire surface is fully etched with large dragonflies, flowers and additional geometric designs on an expertly polished black and buff clay vessel.  The various designs are then highlighted with additional clay slips in a soft tan-cream.

On the inside of the neck, Glendora has painted a circle of very tiny dots, connecting the interior of the piece to the intricate designs of the exterior.  It is an intricate and complex jar with a striking combination of designs, both painted and incised.  The jar is signed on the bottom with a corn stalk, Glendora’s hallmark.  Her designs often incorporate the creatures of the Southwest–dragonflies, lizards, and turtles–and she loves the cornstalk as well. “It represents my family’s origin in the Corn Clan in Jemez Pueblo.”

Condition: Excellent – original condition – new
Provenance: Purchased from Glendora after winning 2nd Place at the Gallup Inter-tribal Fair

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Weight 34 oz