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Emma Chino Frog Seed Pot


Item Number: DR 264
Pueblo: Acoma Pueblo
Artist: Emmalita Chino
Medium: Clay and pigment
Age: Circa early 1970s
Dimensions: 5″ x 5″


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This is a beautiful polychrome seed pot with a water and rain motif in geometric designs. The top of the pot is encircled with a band of feathers as an offering for rain and good crops. The frog at the opening of the pot represents abundance in Native American cultures. For with frogs come the rains and enough water for a successful growing season and harvest.

Emmalita (or Emma as she prefers) specializes in handmade traditional pottery. She gathers natural pigments from within the Acoma Pueblo, soaks the clay, grinds, cleans the clay for imperfections, mixes, hand coils, shapes, sands, polishes, paints, and fires her pottery, the traditional way, outdoors. She hand-paints, without stencils or other means, intricate fine line patterns, some of which are borrowed from her mother-in-law. She also uses all natural paints derived from plants and minerals also found within her pueblo. Continuing the family tradition of pottery making is very important to her.

Condition: Excellent- original condition
Provenance: My mother purchased this beautiful piece from the artist.

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Weight 16 oz