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Turtle Figure


Item Number: DR 292
Pueblo: Santa Clara
Artist: Dorothy and Paul Gutierrez
Medium: Clay
Age: Circa 1980s
Dimensions: 2 ” x 1 5/8″



This sweet little turtle has its head up looking around- perhaps for a pond. Turtles represent the gift of precious water for the people of the Southwest as well as protection and longevity. Although this little turtle is not signed, I feel certain it is a creation of the Gutierrez.

The artists create their sculptures by first gathering the clay for their artwork from within the Santa Clara Pueblo and then preparing the clay in the traditional way by drying, grinding, and sifting before it is mixed with water to produce the clay medium. The Gutierrez sculptures are created by hand pinching and then they are air dried and fired in the traditional way (outdoors with horse manure).

Condition: Excellent- original condition
Provenance: Purchased from a collector from Arizona.

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Weight 5 oz