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Polychrome Stew Bowl


Item Number: DR 298
Tribal Affiliaiton: Hopi
Artist: Pauline Navasie Setella
Medium: Clay and pigment
Age: 1980s
Dimensions: 7″ diameter by 3″ high


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This is a beautiful stew bowl in a polychrome geometric design on cream slip, and is signed on bottom with her signature bear paw. All of Setella’s pottery is formed in the traditional coil technique from native clay and slipped with vegetal paints and painted in the traditional manner.  She fires her pottery with sheep dung, a popular way at Hopi. Her balanced symmetrical pottery is noted for  strong, bold designs and  warm shades of yellow-orange when fired. Pauline Setella’s excellent painting techniques reflect her technical skill and confidence.

Condition: Very Good- original condition with very slight wear marks on the sides which are appropriate for its age.
Provenance: Acquired from an Arizona collector

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Weight 25 oz