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Coiled Jar Basket


Item Number: DR 432
Tribal Affiliation: Hopi
Artist: Unknown
Age: Very early 20th Century – circa 1900
Medium: Yucca fibers over bundle foundation with vegetal dyes
Dimensions: 7 ½ ” x 4”


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Hopi Coiled Jar

Coiled Hopi jars were originally made for storage of grains and food stuffs. This is an older jar and is quite collectible, since they were made for everyday use and did not last. It has beautiful patina.

Coiled baskets are made at Second Mesa villages–Shungopovi, Shipaulovi and Mishongnovi. They are made from native vegetal fibers, such as yucca and sumac, and vegetal dyes. This older basket is made in the jar form that is narrower at the top and bottom and wider in the middle. Geometric designs, more prevalent on earlier baskets, are repeated on all four sides. There are 14 stitches per inch with 2 coils per inch (1/2” per coil). The width of the coils is also indicative of an older basket.

This is a lovely older rare basket in wonderful condition.

Condition:  Very good original condition with the expected fading of vegetal dyes and some stitch loss due to daily use. Since this basket was used often, it has acquired a lovely patina.
Provenance: Purchased from a collector in Arizona
Suggested Reading: Indian Baskets of the Southwest by Clara Lee Tanner

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Weight 10 oz