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Archie Blackowl Cheyenne Burial


Item Number: DR 531
Tribal Affiliation: Cheyenne
Artist: Archie Blackowl
Medium: Lithograph – signed limited edition 118/500
Dimensions: 34″ by 22″ unframed
Age: circa 1980s



This is a lithograph of a gauche painting of one of Archie Blackowl’s most famous subjects – the traditional Cheyenne burial of a loved one. The deceased loved one’s headdresses and war shield hang from the scaffold as the family mourns below. Archie Blackowl remained true to his heritage and traditions throughout his painting career.

This lithograph is protected with an acid free foam core board and covered with shrink wrap.

Condition: Excellent – original condition.
Provenance: Acquired directly from the artist.


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Weight 20 oz