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Charles Reynolds The Blue Door


Item Number: DR 533
Artist: Charles Reynolds
Medium: Original oil on board
Dimensions: 9″ X 12″ 19 1/4″ X 16 1/2″ original frame
Age: 1937


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As his paintings show, Reynolds was a fine technician and craftsman, as well as a confirmed realist. His paintings depict the land and the area around Taos as it was when he lived there. In this original oil on board, the Blue Door beckons you to walk right in the front door of this charming adobe house. The bright blue window frames and the door are so very typical of the homes in and around Taos.  As the path slightly curves behind the first structure you notice the color of the flowers which adds a balanced bright contrast to the intense blue of the door and window frames.

The Reynolds family discovered Taos in 1932, and after fourteen years of vacationing there, they moved out permanently. “I wanted to live there and associate with the ‘Taos Greats,'” said Reynolds. To him it was an inspiration to live and paint with the men who founded the Taos Colony. Reynolds was a founding member and president of the Taos Art Association, and became a well-known and respected figure in the Taos art community. His art is highly collectable and hangs in galleries around the world as a wonderful example of Southwestern Realism.

Condition: Excellent- Original condition
Provenance: Maintained in the same family gallery since originally purchased in Taos by my parents.

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