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Jerome Tiger Never Get Away


Item Number: DR 549
Tribal Affiliation: Creek
Artist: Jerome Tiger
Medium: Tempura paint – signed limited edition lithograph 583/1500
Age: 1979
Dimensions: 14” by 18 ½” unframed



Never Get Away is the third painting reproduced in the Cultural Series. It follows “Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow” and “Intermission”. The paintings in this series often have a brown background. The figures appear to fade into the canvass in some places, and stand out in stark relief in others. This concept originated with Tiger, and the style is unique. As the name of the series implies, these paintings have a cultural theme; each depicts the Creek Tribe in everyday life, and is accurate as to clothing and activities.

“Never Get Away” goes back to the period when Oklahoma was Indian Territory. This was a time when the tribes governed themselves. The Light Horesemen were Indian police who kept law and order within the tribe. The title “Never Get Away” describes the painting well. The Light Horseman is doing his job, has caught his man, and is ready to bring him to justice. It may be noted that the ‘Indian way’ was not prison. That was the white man’s innovation. The Indian traditionally punished his own with banishment, whippings or death. Cultural ties were so strong that the so called prisoner was not jailed, but was expected to wait until punishment was meted out.

The universal appeal of Tiger’s work speaks to people of all races through its beauty and deep spirituality. His style has had a tremendous major influence in the development of contemporary Indian art influencing other Indian artists who succeeded him. Since 1970, thirty-three of Tiger’s paintings have been reproduced as limited edition lithographs. Many of the lithographs are sold-out and are only available on the secondary market.

Condition: Excellent – original condition.  This lithograph is protected with acid free foam core board and shrink wrapped.
Provenance:  Maintained in the same family gallery since purchased from the artist’s widow in Oklahoma


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Weight 15 oz