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Debbie Lujan Cemetery Through Blue Door


Item Number: DR 569
Pueblo: Taos Pueblo
Artist: Debbie Lujan
Medium: Photography
Age: 2010
Dimensions: Photograph 16 X 20” framed: 19 ½ X 23 ½”


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This is a haunting view of the Taos cemetery as viewed through an iconic blue door. The handmade adobe bricks are stacked securely as the beams barely hint at a room that once was. Sadly, this wall is no longer standing, although St. Geronimo Church and the cemetery are still there.

This photograph captures the unique symbolism of adobe homes in that many hours and back breaking work is required to make the mud and straw into bricks to use to build a house. Through the door way stands the Christian symbol of strength and hope – the church and cemetery.

Taos Pueblo might be one of the most photographed places in the world, because of its distinctive architecture. Debbie’s eye for photographs is amazing. She uses no enhancements. Her pictures are just what is seen through the lens of the camera – and as always, what she sees is spectacular. Debbie Lujan, brings a unique dimension to Taos photography because she can go where the average visitor cannot, such as rooftops and restricted areas. As Debbie says, “If one cannot come to the pueblo, I can bring the pueblo to the world thru my photographs.” Recently, Debbie won 1st Place for Photography at Indian Market in Santa Fe.

This beautiful art work is protected with Museum Glass, an anti-reflection picture framing glass with conservation grade UV protection.  With its nearly invisible finish, it effectively blocks up to 99% of harmful indoor and outdoor UV light rays so framed pieces remain clearer and brighter for longer. It is the best glazing option available for art, photographs and other important personal keepsakes.

Condition: Excellent- original condition
Provenance: Purchased from the artist during SWAIA Indian Market  Santa Fe, NM

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Weight 88 oz