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Regional Black and Gold Diamond Pattern


Item Number: DR 643
Tribal Affiliation: Navajo
Artist: Unknown
Medium: Wool and vegetal dye
Age: Circa 1960s
Dimensions: 30” X 42”  weft: 40   warp: 12



This is a beautiful tightly well-woven rug with a field of grey. A large woven black, gold and white diamond is the central pattern. There are crosses and chevrons on each corner. The beautiful yellow accent color comes from boiling Rabbitbrush (also known as Ericameria) to obtain the wonderful bright yellow which enhances the greys and blacks.  The intertwining colors are rich and deep throughout the rug. All of the wool has been hand carded and hand spun.

Regional rugs are those whose style can be attributed to specific Navajo chapters or areas within the Navajo region.  Familiar Chapter or area names might include Two Grey Hills, Chinle, Ganado, and Teec Nos Pos.  Non-regional, or general rugs, make up the largest category of Navajo rugs. The non-regional rugs do not exhibit unique characteristics that allow them to be pinpointed to a specific Chapter or trading post area. Many master weavers like to mix styles and experiment with dyes, color compositions and designs, adding their unique touch to rugs that may not be in the style of the area in which they live.

Condition: Excellent – original condition. All tassels are intact and the weave is soft and flexible.
Provenance:  This finely woven rug is attributed to the area of Piñon area north of Keams, Arizona. It was purchased by my parents in the 1960s from the artist, whose name has been lost.

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Weight 20 oz