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Erik Fender Large Black on Black Bowl


Item Number: DR 2224
Pueblo: San Ildefonso
Artist: Erik Fender
Medium: clay and slip
Age: 2021
Dimensions: 3 ½” X 9 ½”



Blending historic designs often with contemporary materials and techniques, Erik continues to expand his skills and ability as not only an innovative artist but also an expert technician. These truths are evident in the work itself. His lines are clean, his shapes are balanced, his motifs are bold and beautiful.

This large bowl has a large textured avanyu encircling the upper section of the outside of the bowl. The entire outside surface is covered in a beautiful soft micaceous slip. The inside is highly polished and silky smooth– a wonderful juxtaposition to the outside. The interior holds a variety of geometric shapes and designs. These shapes and designs are highly polished and offset against the flat black of the matte background.

Erik is a traditional potter. After gathering the clay collected around his home, Erik creates his pottery. He meticulously coils, scrapes, sands and polishes it. When the piece is dry, he selects the ancestral images mixed with some of his own creation to embellish his pottery by carefully painting each one in a thin mixture of the clay and water, known as slip.

Erik is able to manipulate his outdoor pottery firing using a combination of ash, manure and heat to achieve an exceptional appearance on the surface of his pottery.  The risk of breakage during the firing process remains very high. Through careful visual inspection, Erik knows just when the temperature is perfect for achieving the glossy black finish.  The stunning and highly desirable visual results are an important cultural legacy for him.

Erik has a very in-depth knowledge of the tradition of pottery making at San Ildefonso. He draws upon this rich heritage for inspiration when creating each piece of his incredible award-winning pottery. Erik is the son of Martha Appleleaf and the grandson of Carmelita Dunlap, who was raised by her aunt, Maria Martinez.

Condition: Excellent – original condition – new.
Provenance: Acquired from Erik at Indian Market 2021 Santa Fe, New Mexico