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Garrett Maho Grandmother Jar


Item Number: DR 2220
Pueblo: Hopi Pueblo
Artist: Garrett Maho
Medium: Clay with vegetal and mineral paints
Age: 2021
Dimensions: 8” X 14” with a circumference of 40 ½”


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This is superb example of Hopi pottery.

Garrett told me that the designs on the beautiful bowl are in memory of his grandmother’s pottery. The top section is painted with alternating bird and feather designs. Below those are various geometric symbols. The middle has the bowl has a single thick line with a spirit break. The spirit break symbolizes the spirit of the clay allowing it to flow between the clay and the new owner; the clay and the artist; or possibly the clay and the spirit of the clay, for in Native American beliefs, everything has a spirit.

This incredible bowl has been entirely created in the traditional manner using the hand coil method. The pot was then shaped, smoothed, and dried before being stone polished. It is painted with all natural vegetal and mineral pigments. Garrett uses a yucca brush to apply his designs. Many of these hand-made brushes only have 1-3 bristles in order to create such fine lines.  All of Garrett’s pottery is fired outdoors in the traditional manner which provides the rich, warm blush you see across the entire surface of this expertly executed piece.

Condition: Original – excellent – new.
Provenance: Acquired from the artist.