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Gary Montgomery Wary Travelers


Item Number: DR 5120
Tribal Affiliation: Seminole
Artist: Gary Montgomery
Medium: Oil on canvas
Age: 2021
Dimensions:  18” by 24”  unframed


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Gary Montgomery is one of the leading Native American painters. He primarily works with oil paints, and his style is realistic. In this wonderful painting of three traditionally garbed Seminole warriors, their faces reflect a wariness and an uncertainty. The braves kneel at the edge of a stream in a beautifully verdant forest. Although the background appears very peaceful, the facial expressions on the three men indicate that something may not be right. They are wary and watchful as they peer into the distance just outside of the painting. Gary has painted these figures very realistically. Their clothing and weaponry easily convey their Seminole heritage.

Gary Montgomery’s art is historical and timeless.  Gary’s award-winning artwork is featured in numerous private & public art collections, including the Cherokee National Museum (Tahlequah, OK), the Heard Museum (Phoenix, AZ) & the Smithsonian Institution (Washington, D.C.). In 1983, Gary Montgomery was designated a Master Artist by the Five Civilized Tribes Museum (Muskogee, OK).

Condition: Excellent – original condition – new.

Provenance: Acquired from the artist.