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Jeff DeMent Sterling Silver and Coral Lightning Bolt Necklace


Item Number: DR 1610
Tribal Affiliation: Navajo
Artist: Jeff DeMent
Medium: Sterling silver and Mediterranean coral
Age: 2022
Dimensions: 24 ½” in length, adjustable



This magnificent necklace will make a statement where ever you wear it!

Each of the six handmade sterling silver lightning bolts arrows are separated by sterling silver beads and beautiful chunks of natural Mediterranean coral. The difference between the highly polished beads and the tufa cast textured lightning bolts arrows is quite striking. The lightning bolt arrows are a tribute to the Hero Twins of Navajo origin lore and represent strength and perseverance.

Jeff creates his contemporary designs using the ancient technique of tufa casting, which dates back to the 1800s. Original designs are hand carved into tuff, a compressed volcanic ash, to create a mold. Jeff heats the mold and pours molten silver into it to form each piece. After annealing, the silver is hand cut, filed and formed. Since the tufa molds are only used once, each and every piece a truly one of a kind.

Jeff’s modern contemporary jewelry is traditionally handmade, filled with energy, and created with passion.  Jeff says he pours his “heart and soul into each piece to give you the best quality possible. Silver is a natural element and is one of the greatest conductors of energy of all metals.”

Condition: Excellent – original condition – new.
Provenance: Acquired from the artist.