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Myron Sarracino Tula Rosa Swirl Pot


Item Number: DR 2248
Pueblo: Laguna Pueblo
Artist: Myron Sarracino
Medium: Clay, slip, and vegetal paint
Age: Circa 2012
Dimensions: 6” by 7”


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Myron specializes in hand coiled traditional pottery. Most of Myron’s designs originated from the Tularosa basin in southern New Mexico. These prehistoric swirl patterns along with various fine line work are his specialty. He duplicates ancient designs from old broken pottery shards found on ancient grounds.   This pot is a beautiful example of bold ancient graphics combined with beautiful construction.  The thin-walled shape is particularly attractive, the symmetry impeccable and the painting is outstanding and very precise.

Myron uses all natural pigments for his paints. He processes the clay dug from the Pueblo and uses natural brushes made from yucca plant.  He makes his paint from wild spinach, which when boiled down provides a lovely black-brown color.  The imagery of the pre-historic designs such as the Tularosa swirl ono this black and white small jar is beautiful.  The four Tularosa Swirl designs painted in each quadrant are surrounded by vertical fine lines of rain. The triangles around each design are reminiscent of clouds. There is a spirit line break at the rim, to allow the potter’s spirit to escape the clay. His work is very high quality.

Condition: Excellent – original condition.
Provenance: Acquired from a private collector.