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Todd Westika Buffalo Horn Sculpture


Item Number: DR 3116
Pueblo: Zuni Pueblo
Artist: Todd Westika
Age: 2018
Medium: Water Buffalo Horn, Kingman turquoise, shell and sterling silver
Dimensions: 5” x 2 ½” at base



Award winning Zuni carver Todd Westika has given this spectacular Water Buffalo horn carving a glistening polish to emphasize the deep black color. He created a pueblo scene on the lower front that is reminiscent of his home of Zuni Pueblo.  High above the pueblo, a Zuni sun face shines down. The sun is Kingman turquoise inlaid with sterling silver. On the reverse side, a traditional heartline of turquoise flows from the mouth of the buffalo to the heart, indicating the breath of life of the animal. The eyes are inlaid turquoise, while his horns are carved shell.  This stunning buffalo is large and conveys a presence, just as buffalo do in the wild.

When creating a carving, Todd puts aside all negative thought. He says, “I want people to get a sense of security and happiness from my carvings. Whenever I’m about to work, I put any worries aside and try to have only good thoughts so that those would be passed on to anyone who comes in contact with the carvings.”