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Chaslyn Crespin Mosaic Inlay Necklace and Earrings Set


Item Number: DR 1626
Pueblo: Kewa Santo Domingo Pueblo
Artist: Chaslyn Crespin
Medium: Sterling silver, jet, spiny oyster, turquoise, abalone, and shell
Age: 2022
Dimensions: Necklace 24” in length   Earrings 2” by 7/8”



This wonderfully unique tab necklace has been dubbed a “Cleopatra Style” necklace by jeweler Chaslyn Crespin, daughter of Delbert and Torevia Crespin of Kewa Pueblo.

This impressive Cleopatra style necklace is inlaid with multiple different stones – including turquoise, shell, spiny oyster, jet and abalone on slabs of black jet.  Each piece of the squared off colorful inlay designs are perfectly angled and strung side by side each one fitting snugly against the other. The necklace measures about 8” across at its widest in the front. The ends of the necklace finish off with spiny oyster heishi beads terminating with a sterling silver clasp and extender chain.

The accompanying inlaid earrings reflect the stones used in the Cleopatra style necklace. They measure 2” by 7/8” and are set on a backing of black jet. This is a stunning set.

This is a dynamic modern necklace and earrings. The modern shapes and color arrangement make an exciting and impressive statement necklace!

Condition: Excellent – original condition – new.
Provenance: Acquired from the artist.