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Stamped Copper Cuff


Item Number: DR 159
Tribal Affiliation: Attributed to the Navajo
Artist: Unknown, although there is a hallmark
Medium: Copper
Age: Circa 2000s
Dimensions: 1/2“wide;  inside circumference is 5 3/4” plus a gap of 1 1/4” for a total of 7″



This is a sturdy copper cuff with what appear to be symbols of mountains, corn stalks and clouds stamped across the front. It weighs 30 grams.

As the price of sterling silver continues to rise, many artists are moving into an old medium once again – copper. It is easy to work with and very affordable. Many of the artists exhibiting at the Palace of the Governors are now display beautiful works of jewelry in copper.

Copper jewelry goes with everything and looks wonderful anywhere.

Condition: Original Condition
Provenance: Purchased from an estate sale.

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Weight 2 oz