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Stamped Navajo Pearls Necklace


Item Number: DR 1585
Tribal Affiliation: Navajo
Artist: Unsigned
Medium: Sterling silver
Age: Circa 1970s
Dimensions: 27” in length with graduated beads from 1/3” to 1” in size



The essential necklace for any Southwest look is a strand of beautiful sterling silver beads!

Commonly known as Navajo Pearls, these sterling silver beads necklaces are meant to be worn alone as a single strand or in multiple strands. Each bead is hand drawn, punched for holes, stamped with lovely designs, soldered, polished and hand strung.  This strand of handmade sterling silver beads has a stamped design on each side of each bead. The design is reminiscent of rain clouds.

The beads are strung on a chain for safety, and are graduated in size ranging from the smallest at 1/3” (10.62mm) to the largest at 1” (24.62mm).  There are 58 sterling silver beads on this gorgeous 27″ necklace.

These sterling silver Navajo pearls go with everything and can be worn on their own or with a pendant. These beautiful sterling silver beads will look great through all seasons!

Condition: Excellent – original condition with appropriate wear.
Provenance: Acquired from a private collector in Santa Fe.