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Micaceous Fetish Bowl


Item Number: DR 2037
Pueblo: Zuni Pueblo
Artist: Alan E. Lasiloo
Medium: Natural micaceous clay, parrot feathers, turquoise, coral, mother-of-pearl and sinew
Age: 2014
Dimensions: 5” X 5”


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This is a stunningly elegant, contemporary interpretation of a Zuni ceremonial bowl. The use of mica-rich clay from northern New Mexico accentuates the curvaceous form with its luster.  The dark blackish-brown coloration is created by fire clouds, the result of firing in the ground. With the glittering sparkle of mica fragments in the clay slip, that is all the decoration needed on the body of the piece. The bear fetish has a medicine bundle of turquoise Heishi beads and natural coral and with natural parrot feathers.

The bear is a powerful symbol of good luck, so this arresting piece conveys the traditional protection. This is a spectacular centerpiece for any collection — beauty, power, good luck and an important artist’s work, all in one impressive piece.

Condition: Excellent – new original condition
Provenance: Purchased at Zuni Pueblo.

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Weight 15 oz