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Micaceous Bowl


Item Number: DR 2113
Pueblo: San Juan Ohkey Owingeh Pueblo
Artist: L. Maestas
Medium: Micaceous Clay
Age: Circa early 1980s
Dimensions: 3 ½” X 7”



This elegantly formed micaceous clay scalloped melon bowl was handmade by L. Maestas of Ohkey Owingeh/ San Juan Pueblo. The beautiful coppery peach finish and distinctive shimmer comes from clay found in northern New Mexico that has a high mica content. The unique dark markings are a result of the firing process, evidence that this piece has been crafted by hand using traditional methods. Evoking the traditional pottery style of Taos Pueblo, this beautiful piece is also a functional vessel that can be used for serving or eating soups and stews. This classic handmade vessel will add a rare and ancient pottery style to your Native American art collection.

Although micaceous pottery similar to that of Taos and Picuris Pueblos is not as well-known at Ohkey Owingeh/ San Juan Pueblo, it has been revived among several potters in the past decades.

Condition: Excellent- original condition
Provenance: Acquired from a private collector in Arizona

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Weight 23 oz