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Anderson Peynetsa Storyteller Owl


Item Number: DR 2038
Pueblo: Zuni Pueblo
Artist: Anderson and Avelia Peynetsa
Medium: Clay and pigment
Age: 2014
Dimensions: 9″ X 8 1/2″



Throughout history owls have been celebrated for their wisdom, courage and foresight. Pueblo potters began making pottery owls as early as the 1870s and continue to this day.

This beautiful owl is handmade of native clays and pigments and pit-fired in the traditional manner.  This lovely dark owl is painted with traditional black and red design work. Its open beak represents the stories and lessons for all of us to learn and heed.

Some say the owl is a Zuni storyteller. The idea would be seem to be valid since the owl is believed to be a messenger. The owl is also a symbol of good luck, and cautions us to stay alert. The owl is a pueblo symbol for wisdom, discipline and the ability to see what others cannot.

Regarded as one of the best Zuni potters of today, Anderson is noted for his precise flowing lines. Anderson’s and Avelia’s  pieces can be found in numerous prominent galleries across the United States, including the U.S. Department of Interior in Washington, D.C.

Condition: Excellent- original condition
Provenance: Purchased from the artist at Zuni.


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Weight 35 oz