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Chase Kahwinhut Earles Caddo Long Necked Globular Jar


Item Number: DR 2112
Tribal Affiliation: Caddo
Artist: Chase Kahwinhut Earles
Medium: Clay
Age: 2016
Dimensions: 8 ½” X 4 ½”


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Kikah Hiwiisikah Snake 9 is the title of this wonderful jar.  Chase hand dug the clay from the Red River and tempered it with ground mussel shells for stability. The ground shell is what makes this jar sparkle. After carving the ancient Caddo designs around the jar, it was pit fired in the traditional manner.

Caddo pottery is instantly recognized by archaeologists and collectors alike due to the defining characteristics of very thin walled construction, extraordinary light weight, and a highly polished body.  One other characteristic of this beautiful pottery is the intricate sgraffito patterns of scrolls, cross-hatching and designs that are on the body. This piece has two snakes – the Rattlesnake and the Cottonmouth – wrapped around the body of the jar. These two snakes are integral symbols of the Caddo.

Chase makes his pottery in the traditional Caddo way. He collects his clay from the Red River and the Washita River. After he cleans and prepares it for use, Chase tempers his pottery clay with local river mussels, sand, or animal bone, then he hand-coils the clay into form.  Once the vessel is completely dry, it is burnished by wetting areas of the outer surface and rubbing the exterior with a smooth river stone.  Chase does not glaze his pottery, because burnishing results in a highly polished, glossy surface that gives his pots an incredible shine after they are fired. Before firing each piece, he uses an awl to carve scrolls and traditional designs into his pottery.

Chase recently won a Best of Class and a second place ribbon for his magnificent pottery at the Cherokee Indian Art Market held in Tulsa in October 2016. His receives ribbons and awards where ever he exhibits. His work is in prominent museums and galleries throughout the United States.

Condition: Excellent – original condition
Provenance: Purchased from the artist at Cherokee Indian Market

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