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Margaret Tafoya Carved Jar


Item Number: DR 2145
Pueblo: Santa Clara Pueblo
Artist: Margaret Tafoya
Medium: Clay and slip
Age: Circa 1960s
Dimensions: 8” X 9”



This is an extraordinary stone-polished black carved jar by Margaret Tafoya (Maria Margarita Tafoya – Corn Blossom). This magnificent early piece, probably from the 1960s, was coil formed in native clay over which was applied a red slip, which was then painstakingly burnished with a polishing stone. It was then fired in a reduction fire resulting in a beautiful black finish.

This magnificent piece features a design motif carved into the upper portion of the body, slightly below the rim. In a 3 ½” band around the vessel, the carved elements flow into various shapes of curves, squares, triangles and other geometric shapes.  The remainder of the jar is undecorated and displays a beautiful high burnish. The jar is globular in shape from the base to the area of the neck, then curves as it goes upward.

It is signed on the underside Margaret Tafoya. This is a superb example of Margaret’s carved pottery pieces.

Condition: Excellent – original condition with appropriate very small age marks
Provenance: Acquired from a private collector in Oklahoma.

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Weight 75 oz