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Brian Yatsattie Inlaid Dragonfly


Item Number: DR 3089
Pueblo: Zuni Pueblo
Artist: Brian Yatsattie
Medium: Jet, spiny oyster, apple coral, sugilite, and turquoise
Age: 2017
Dimensions: 3” X 2 ¾”



This is an exquisite example of the iridescent creatures that flit close to water sources. Brian has chosen to portray his dragonfly using multiple semi-precious stones inlaid on a body of jet.  He has carefully cut each stone so it will fit snugly against the others. He has even inlaid the back of the tail in colors matching those on the front of the body. This is a beautiful creative work from a master carver.

The Zuni word for dragonfly is Shumak’olo:wa.  A dragonfly is believed to be the messenger who carries prayers to Spirit World. The double-winged form of the dragonfly is sometimes referred to as the Pueblo Cross. You will find this symbol on pottery, in jewelry, and in the art of the Pueblo People. Dragonflies are found around water and always signifies life, for where there are dragonflies, there is water; where there is water, there is life.

Condition: Excellent – original condition – new
Provenance: Purchased from the artist during The Zuni Show 2017 in Santa Fe

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Weight 4 oz