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Tohono O’odham Tall Basket


Item Number: DR 423
Tribal Affiliation: Tohono O’odham Papago
Artist: Unknown
Medium: Bear Grass, Yucca and Devil’s Root,
Age: Circa late 1940s
Dimensions: 7 1/2″ high; 7 1/2″ at the bottom and 11 1/2″ at the top of the basket



This is a beautiful tightly woven bowl in the early traditional form. This basket shows a wonderful four-square or plaited start knot. The edge demonstrates one of the common decorative finishing stitches with the use of Devil’s Claw. The last coil has been expertly woven to blend in to produce a smooth edge. There is no rim damage– this basket is in beautiful condition.

Although this shape was primarily made to sell to toursits, Native Americans found the tall basket useful many everyday tasks. This basket has never been used – just admired and enjoyed.

Condition: Excellent- original condition
Provenance: Maintained in my family’s private collection since originally purchased.
Recommended Reading: Indian Baskets of the Southwest by Clara Lee Tanner and The Papago Indians and their Basketry by Terry DeWald

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Weight 25 oz