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Kelly Haney Flute Player


Item Number: DR 550
Tribal Affiliation: Seminole /Creek
Artist: Kelly Haney
Medium: Lithograph – limited edition signed and numbered 321/750
Age: 1980
Dimensions: 26″ by 31 1/2″ unframed



This painting honors the artist’s father as a maker of flutes and as a flute player. Notice the attention to fine detail in the feathers and the bead work. One can almost hear the haunting notes of the traditional melodies.

The artist’s father, Woodrow Haney, made traditional flutes and played them during ceremonies and for his friends and family. The flute is a way to talk to a loved one; to be played in ceremonial dances; and as a pleasant interlude by an evening fire. Woodrow Haney’s flutes have been passed down through the years and kept in the same families.

This beautiful signed limited edition lithograph is protected on an acid free foam core board and is shrink wrapped to shield it from the elements.

Condition: Excellent – original condition.
Provenance: Purchased directly from the artist.


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Weight 15 oz