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David Dawangyumptewa Sunset Song


Item Number: DR 575
Tribal Affiliation: Hopi
Artist: David Dawangyumptewa
Medium: Color Lithograph – NPI (Printer’s Proof)
Age: 1985
Dimensions: 24” X 18”


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Sunset Song is a printer’s proof with appropriate chop marks in the lower left. This is a seven stone and plate hand-pulled lithograph printed on Rives BFK paper, which is mold-made in France.  There were two printer’s proofs made. Naravisa Press made two additional printer’s proofs for their own records. This is one of those two NPI printer’s proofs. Original print documentation from the printer accompanies this work.

A printer’s proof is that first copy taken from the original work of art from which limited edition prints are made. Typically, the printer makes only a handful of printer’s proofs, making these only one step removed from the original work of art and exceedingly rare.

Sunset Song focuses on the ending of the day as the world begins to glow in the beautiful colors of the setting sun against the darkening sky. In this painting a lovely Hopi potter sings over a Hopi seed jar. She is wrapped in a simple manta and wears traditional white doe-skin moccasins and beautiful earrings. The polychrome seed jar is decorated with typical Sikyatki-revived designs.

The colors of the background are symbolic of the title of the painting. The soft yellow to orange hues reflect the ending of the day. There is a single dragonfly in the upper left corner. David’s water clan affiliation is reflected in the undulating lines in the background perhaps as a river, as do the black lines symbolic of rainwater.

The style and content of Dawangyumptewa’s work are reflective of his Hopi background and Water Clan affiliation. “The majority of my paintings are thought of as mythical or spiritual subject pieces. By allowing the viewer to play and expand their imagination, the discovery of a mystical environment in the mind’s eye is the ultimate reason for creativity. My paintings reveal a part of myself through consciously developed symbolism, as well as traditional regional life ways. These are images that tell of my loves- family relationships, religious upbringing and observations.”

This beautiful printer’s proof is protected on an acid free foam core board and is shrink wrapped to shield it from the elements.

Condition: Excellent- original condition
Provenance: Purchased from Naravisa Press in Santa Fe, New Mexico
Recommended Reading: Biographical Directory of Native American Painters by Patrick D. Lester.


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