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Chinle Rug


Item Number: DR 642
Tribal Affiliation: Navajo
Artist: Unknown
Medium: Natural Wool and vegetal dyes
Age: Circa 1960
Dimensions: 31” X 34”  weft: 44   warp: 9



Chinle rugs have stripes of plain color alternating with bands of squash blossoms, stacked chevrons or diamonds. The Chinle style is the simplest of the three styles of banded rugs, which usually have no borders, and use natural vegetal dyes of greys, tan, ivory, golds and greens.  Though named for the town of Chinle at the mouth of Canyon de Chelly, the style is now woven throughout the entire Navajo Nation.

The Chinle style of Navajo rug was developed by Mary Cabot Wheelwright and Cozy MsSparron, a trader at Chinle, who sought to create Navajo weaving using the classic Period designs made with vegetal dyes. Ms. Wheelwright and her friends in Santa Fe financed much of the weaving. These rugs eventually became popular and the style spread to other weaving area on the reservation.

Condition:  This rug is in excellent condition. All tassels are intact and the weave is soft and flexible. .
Provenance:  Acquired from a private family collection in Texas.

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Weight 16 oz