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Dee Setalla Scalloped Polychrome Bowl


Item Number: DR 2188
Tribal Affiliation: Hopi
Artist: Dee Johnson Setalla
Medium: Clay and natural paints from minerals and plants
Age: 2020
Dimensions: 8” x 12 ½”


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This wonderfully created traditional bowl has a very unusual scalloped rim which undulates around the top edge of the bowl. Dee has incorporated a number of traditional Hopi symbols into the main body of this bowl that are of importance to him:  life and health, blessings, happiness and nourishment, and of course rain.

One of the primary designs is of an eagle with tobacco. The eagle carries prayers to the spirit world accompanied by the smoke from the tobacco. The male eagle carries a migration symbol with sun rays for warmth and comfort. The bear claw symbolizes strength and healing.

Resting between each of the major designs are symbols of pueblo steps for good life and friendship. The slanted lines indicate life giving rain for growth and nourishment. The four corners represent the four corners of the earth with prayers and blessings to all living beings. Beside the pueblo steps the symbol for corn represents the bringing of many good blessings.

The second significant design is the thunderbird bringing good news that prayers have been answered. Surrounding the magnificent thunderbird are a sprinkle of rain for growth and good life; bear claws for healing and strength; and scalloped waves signifying water for life and comfort.

A solid band with scallops encircles the lower portion of the bowl. According to Dee, “this design signifies a lifeline that my spirit will live on within the pottery. The clouds below the band contain sprinkles of rain bringing good life to everyone.”

All of Dee’s pottery is made in the traditional manner – the clay is gathered, washed and cleaned. The coils are then made to begin the bowl. When finished, the bowl is hand painted with mineral and vegetal paints and fired outdoors in sheep dung.

Condition: Excellent – original condition – new
Provenance: Purchased from the artist