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Tim Yazzie Overlay Spiny Oyster Butterfly Pendant


Item Number: DR 1558
Pueblo: San Felipe and Navajo
Artist: Tim Yazzie
Medium: Sterling silver, spiny oyster, turquoise, black opal and gold
Age: 2021
Dimensions: 2 ¼” x 2” including the bail



There is something special about butterflies – and this one is quite unique. Tim has meticulously overlaid a sterling silver feather design into the lower wings along with two small dots of 14k gold. The upper wings have carefully placed pieces of spiny oyster and turquoise. The body of the butterfly is black jade accented with turquoise.  These beautiful natural stones provide a colorful contrast to the highly polished sterling silver butterfly.

Butterflies are often associated with beauty or transformation. They herald summer and help the corn grow. Their fluttering wings symbolize cloud movement and rain. Their many beautiful colors symbolize the various colors of corn. According to Tim, “The butterfly is celebrated for its beauty and its contribution in pollinating plant life which is highly valued in a region of high desert conditions with little rainfall.”

Influenced by and spiritually connected to his family and Pueblo way of life, and a true creator of beauty, Tim Yazzie is a silversmith whose beautiful and unique creations you will want to add to your collection.