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Chinle Rug


Item Number: DR 606
Tribal Affiliation: Navajo
Artist: Unknown
Medium: Wool and natural dyes
Age: Circa late 1960s
Dimensions: 86″ x 51″ weft:48 warp: 10


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This is a tightly woven rug with beautiful soft colors of tan, grey, cream, and gold. The geometric sections are varying stripes and are repeated in alternating columns. Although this rug is large and beautfully woven, the corners do curl.

Chinle Revival rugs typically feature bands of repeating geometric motifs alternated with plain or striped bands of contrasting colors. Common colors for Chinle rugs include yellow, gold, brown, tan, terra cotta, soft pink and other earth tones, as well as natural wool colors ranging from white to black.

Chinle style Navajo rug was developed by Mary Cabot Wheelwright and a trader at Chinle who sought to revive Navajo waving using the Classic Period designs. The design characteristics are horizontal bands containing chevrons and rectangles with uneven sides in muted colors of gold, green, tan ivory, and pink with the predominant use of vegetal dyes.  The resulting rugs were not literal copies of older pieces, but were creative variations on banded designs using a wide palette of newly developed natural dye colors, as well as new, subtly colored chemical dyes

Condition: Original condition – excellent – a beautiful weaving, although the corners curl.
Provenance: Purchased from the weaver in Arizona by my mother – she enjoyed visitng with the elderly woman and just had to purchase the rug, even though the corners curled (my father was not happy).

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Weight 125 oz